How to Keep, Maintain, and Grow a Successful Online Business Presence

In today’s current global economic climate, just having an online business presence is not enough to stay competitive in today’s global economy. Competition from various e-commerce sites around the globe, providing a vast array of goods and services that impact all of our lives, and communities in this global village that we live in.Especially now with the global economic downturn these past 2 years, you must have a competitive edge, mindset and a product and or service that makes your competitors envious of your business acumen. What is your unique selling voice-your brand of one that sets you above your competition?I receive many online inquiries from many online home business and offline business owners regarding what action steps and techniques can business owners take regarding how to better market themselves online, from the WAHMs, to the small work at home business that you’ve just started in your home to the old-fashioned brick and mortar business-it doesn’t really matter because the concept is still the same. Product and/or Service must provide True Quality and Value This is probably common sense to most people, however the reality of online businesses, is that the vast majority of online opportunities (sadly to say), are not providing a quality product and/or service with true value. The product and or service that you are promoting is KEY. If the product and or service you are providing does not provide true value then you need to seriously question what it is that you are promoting/selling. Most are promoting a system of recruitment which is the business which is fraud and illegal.Secondly, would you buy the product and or service even if you were not in the business? This is crucial. If you are unwilling to buy the product and/or service yourself, how do you expect to sell and promote a product and/or service that you would not purchase? This is like a Honda car salesman owning a Ford vehicle but selling a Honda car. You lose credibility and integrity and people are smart enough to know phonies and fakes a mile away. If you want to be successful online or offline, it is imperative that you actually own the product and/or service that you promoting, so you can succinctly and directly bestow to your potential customers, the benefits of the product and or service you are promoting. People don’t CARE how much you KNOW, until you show them how much you CARE This is key not just in an online or offline business, but is a bigger parable for life. It doesn’t matter what field your business is in, whether vacation travel, or real estate. People do not want to be SOLD to, they want to be informed with clear, concise, and understandable information that causes the customer to want to take action. The potential customer visiting your online website or offline store should want to buy a product and or service that addresses their emotional needs. If it doesn’t the customer will leave your website or store and go to another that will address their emotional need to take action. Traffic the LIFEBLOOD for any Online or Offline Business Just being online these days does not guarantee success for anyone. You could have the best site in the universe with the best product and/or service offering since sliced bread. But guess what? If nobody notices or see’s your website-to the rest of the online world-you don’t exist. With millions of websites that exist, you need to ask yourself, how will your site get noticed? How will you drive traffic to your site on a regular and consistent basis? And more importantly what steps can you do now in planting the seeds for tomorrow’s business harvest? Establish a Website Linkeage Program You must have website links to your site to stay competitive in the online business game if you want to have any chance of reasonable success. Just as blood is the life-force for our bodies that God made that flows daily through our veins daily giving us life-website links too is the business life force that increases your online presence by giving your website exposure. Irrespective of your website business niche, you need to seek out links from other websites to link to your site. Seek out other like minded business owners and offer link exchanges for a reciprocal link to your site. But do not exchange links with POOR quality websites. MOTHER GOOGLE, YAHOO, and now BING will penalize websites that have links all over the place that link to poor sites. Quality should also trump Quantity! Submit Articles in Your business to Online Article Directories If your website is about vacation travel, submit article tips about travel- how to get the best vacation deals, the best flights. Become a travel planning expert in your niche by providing invaluable information related to the travel industry. Maybe you’re a home business work at home business expert, offer helpful inside tips and other helpful information to home business directories and the entrepreneur how to create his or her own business idea. Or maybe you run a travel website. Join online Forums by contributing in your area of Expertise The internet has revolutionized how business is done globally via the internet. There is a wealth of information only a mouse click away, but you have to be savvy enough how and where to look without being distracted from the gazillion of other rubbish sites that also exist. Again, if your expertise is in the home business work at home business field, why not join several online forums and offer valuable insightful information in the home business niche. What should people be aware of? What sound business steps should one take. And more importantly, what business field or product line or service offering should they decide. But remember that you are joining to provide helpful information-not spamming others. Spamming will not only get you banned, but could adversely impact negatively your online business presence. Promote a contest or Promotion Free Give Away Irrespective of your niche business (providing you are providing a product and/or service that provides true value), people like freebies. Who doesn’t. if you go in almost any ice-cream store, the salespeople behind the gallons of ice-cream will gladly give away FREE spoonfuls of ice-cream to waiting patrons. Why? Because they know customers are in the store to buy anyway-and it strengthens the product offering.An online business should be treated the same way. If you’re selling antique porcelain dolls from China, why not give away a free porcelain doll for the first 100th person sign up in your newsletter? Conduct a contest. You win because you are getting more sign-ups for your quarterly or monthly newsletter for possible future sales-and potential customers who see your quality website to take a chance of winning something of value fee. Remember, you are only limited by your imagination in how you can promote your online website and growing your business presence.Remember: “The only Unfulfilled Goals in Your Life are the Ones you Never Attempt”

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